The Pillars of Maintaining Organization -- Mind, Body & Spirit

How is it that you can spend hours cleaning and color coding your closet only to have it return to chaos within a week? Basic laws of physics aside (ahem — entropy), there are two significant habits to learn to maintain an organized oasis. Whether you’re interested in keeping a tidy mind, an organized office or a clear channel to the spirits, read on for the tips detailing how you can stay structured for an aligned life.

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My Daily Journaling Checklist

A major part of my personal self care and mindset maintenance is daily journaling. For me, it’s a relatively quick and effective way to flow with my emotions. I can process my feelings in real time instead of letting the vibrations accumulate into a prolonged mood.

To encourage those of you developing your own practice or seeking inspiration, I’m sharing my daily journaling checklist with you. I hope this will revive your enthusiasm to journal — it’s worth it!

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