Do What Makes You Happy

Pharm D to Hempy!

Pharm D to Hempy!

Let's break down the simple phrase "do what makes you happy."

I’m on a mission to give more depth to spiritual and positive thinking teachings because it can seem so surface level...
And although it’s 
simple it’s not necessarily easy.

Do what makes you happy = do what makes you feel good.

Something that feels good doesn’t feel bad, right? It’s not two things at once.

So, doing what feels good, is doing what feels best in the moment. Doing the thing you feel an impulse to do. It's fluid. It's not going to be the same thing all the time.

For example, you'll probably feel more like tending to your inbox on a Monday morning versus a Monday evening. And what you feel like doing on a Tuesday when it’s your moon time will be different than a Tuesday when it’s not your moon time.

Knowing what makes you feel happy in the moment means first taking into account your awareness of self.

That’s where anxiety also comes in.

When you’re bowing down to your anxiety, that doesn’t feel good.

That feels good to ego or satisfying the fear response but doesn't necessarily feel good for your highest being.

So, when stressful (aka unfamiliar) things come up and it’s time to do them you feel that it’s time to do them.

You feel the pull of fear saying "no, I don'twant to do it"and your inner being encouraging you to move forward.

Doing what makes you feel happy is doing what’s good for you, what makes you deeply satisfied so you can move on to do the next thing that also feels good.

All the things you think feel good when you’re avoiding them don't actually feel good because you’re suppressing.

Whereas being ready to do the thing, doing the thing then moving onto the next exciting thing is just part of the flow process.

So, do more of what makes you feel happy -- in your job, your day to day, and of course in the moment.

That little phrase holds big space in my heart. I bought a banner with the saying years ago on an inspirational whim. 

I remember that joyful purchase of investing my money in something that elevated my vibe and reminded me to live in that state.

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Have a great day! Xoxo.