My Daily Journaling Checklist

My Daily Journaling Flow.png

A major part of my personal self care and mindset maintenance is daily journaling. For me, it’s a relatively quick and effective way to flow with my emotions. I can process my negative feelings in real time instead of letting the vibrations accumulate into a prolonged mood.

To encourage those of you developing your own practice or seeking inspiration, I’m sharing my daily journaling checklist with you. I hope this will revive your enthusiasm to journal — it’s worth it!.

Please note, the order of this list is very strategic and of course themed by chakra 💁🏽‍♀️


✨ Download - The first thing I do when I open my notebook is write the date (I like record keeping). On the second line, I write out “TODAY IS A GOOD DAY”. Then, I let the words fly. #nofilter . Sometimes this is very thoughtful, spiritual information and other times it's a spastic to do list. I simply let my mind release all thoughts onto paper so I can inspect them for their worth.

❤️ Chakra tip: This exercise primes your root chakra. The root is your center of safety and security that supports your BEing. Authentic expression in the safe space of your journal preserves that vital energy.

✨ Gratitude - Because I want to direct my thoughts towards positivity, practicing gratitude is next. This is especially helpful if my download was full of negative emotions and stories. We always have the option to shift our perspective and pulling out positive aspects from negative stories supports that process. I journal out all people, places, things, events, feelings, connections I am grateful for. This radiant energy is what I aim to resonate with throughout my day.

💜 Chakra tip: Appreciation, love, feeling connection and oneness are associated with the crown chakra. When we practice gratitude we celebrate the fullness of life and flirt towards enlightenment.

✨ Capacity to sustain my vision - To avoid setting myself up for failure, I am conscious to check in with my energy level each day. I'm learning more about my Human Design (fascinating, you should check yours out). Turns out, my type (projector) doesn't have renewable energy. Some days I’m inspired to work dawn to dawn, literally, all-nighter energy and sometimes I go to bed before opening my laptop. Before I set lofty goals for the day I check in with my capacity to follow through. How much do I have to offer beyond my own mind, body and spirit? On days that require more rest, I create brief, directed to do lists.

🧡 Chakra tip: I find my capacity to give and hold space for others is connected with my own womb space. Our sacral chakra is associated with our creative, life giving energy. In order to honor this sacred portal, I follow its lead when determining the energy I have available to offer my projects.

✨ Goals - Something I learned in therapy was to prioritize my to do list. I can become easily excited/overwhelmed, so this step provides a clear plan for the day and promotes my accountability. I factor in deadlines and desires when creating daily strategy.

💛 Chakra tip: Goals are powered by drive and ambition, represented by solar plexus energy. This chakra provides the power and self discipline to bring your dreams and goals to fruition.

✨ Prep/Intention/Ask - As a sub-point to creating goals, I break down the prioritized tasks into smaller tasks. Creating a manageable blue print. I set intention, speak my truth into each task, keeping my 'why’ front and center. In addition to this expression of self, this is where I also write my "asks" and prayers of the day.

💙 Chakra tip: This step is connected with the throat chakra. Self-expression, freedom, communication are the characteristics of this chakra. It is connected with the sacral chakra, therefore this step enforces your capacity to create.

🌀 Honorable chakra mention: Third eye — you can take the time to exercise your psychic abilities and visualize your day going well. We’re talking best case scenario. Regular visualization can have a major impact on the manifestation of dreams.

✨ Service - This step serves a reminder to integrate solutions to help others into my daily work. Whether its a physical act of service or considering others in the spirit or intention of my work, I remind myself to keep an open heart.

💚 Chakra tip: You guessed it. This writing queue jogs the energy of the heart chakra. As the center of loving ourselves and others, compassion and relationships, it’s wise to keep this chakra open to inspire harmony with others.


  • FORGET CONSISTENCY, DO IT ON THE SPOT - I prefer to do this in the quiet of the morning, before the boys are up. But, that’s not always how the day rolls, so I go with the flow and do it imperfectly. Some days I write alongside my son as he plays in the morning. I can drop into play and easily get back to writing. It doesn’t have to be ritualistic. Sometimes journaling is messy and simply transferring a thought from mind to paper transmutes the energy. This tool is yours to experiment with. Oh, and if you miss a day, or five — it’s NBD. There’s no penalty.

  • USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT - If you’re a stationary love like me, you have a box or drawer filled with notebooks yet be completed. One half-filled from the 8th grade. Some titled and intended for an elaborate new idea only to be abandoned. They’re an assortment of shapes, sizes, lengths, vibes. I never thought these journals were worthy, until I experienced the power of NOW. The notebooks you own are awaiting authorship. To be honest, sometimes my thoughts aren’t that pretty and jotting it down on a scrap piece of paper to be crumpled and thrown is satisfying. Use your stored notebooks. Make a positive choice supporting sustainability and reduction of consumerism. Use what you’ve got and don’t look back. I do recognize that treating yourself to a new pad can catalyze motivation to journal but it won’t likely make or break your practice.

  • FOLLOW CREATIVE PROMPTS - You don’t have to do ALL the work. Search for challenges and exercises that will stimulate your mind and invoke your spirit. Search for questions, themes or workbooks on topics that make you curious. For example, if you’re working on self-care, download my free Rx for Self Care Workbook to get started!


Do you have a journaling practice? What’s your process? Share below!

Xo - Tori