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Energetic Mapping + Oracle Reading

The answers are within you.

This call is a spiritual check-in, combining intuitive wisdom & oracle guidance. Tori illuminates opportunities for redirection and clarity for one inquiry in your life. This call highlights your intentions and where you feel stuck. To encourage self-directed insight, you’ll discuss the messages of your card reading. Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a summarized Energetic Mapping by email as a guide for continued self-healing.


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Spotlight Sessions

Choose from my eight essential mindfulness principles to practice and apply to your life with guidance. These modules are focused, mini-bundles marrying chakra balance and mindset reset. You'll be guided through the inner work by video module, meditation and PDF to be completed before a 30-minute 1:1 coaching session.


Illuminate Mindfulness Intensive

Ready to adopt mindfulness as a lifestyle?

This integrative package grants access to all Spotlight Sessions with extended 1:1 coaching and bonuses. Master the practical and spiritual applications of intuitive and intentional living through accountability and direct guidance.


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Rx for Self Care Workshop


Is anxiety your whole thing?

It used to be mine until I diligently ditched overwhelm for overjoy.

The Rx for Self Care Mini-Workshop is designed to teach you how to integrate self care into your life start to finish.

Divided in four parts, this hour-long recorded class covers overcoming blocks and barriers to self care, designing a your unique self care protocol, a plan for implementing your routine and how to turn routine into flowy, daily ritual.

If you’re overwhelmed, overbooked, and over it, this workshop (available for immediate download) will set you up to be set free.