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Friend to friend, I want you to know, it’s possible to take care of others without putting yourself last.

I can teach you how to consistently connect with your authentic self in ways that make you feel grounded, confident and inspired all while aligning with your dream life.

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Even if you’ve tried journaling before!

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I’m Tori Rerick. I became a pharmacist to help people heal and I became a coach to genuinely fulfill that mission. I am passionate about the individualization of each person’s healing journey and addressing the root cause.

From western medicine to holistic, and our earthly realm to the spiritual…

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Whether the medicine is CBD or mindfulness, I help heart-centered people navigate intentional living. My teachings are rooted in self-care and harmonize mind, body + spirit to encourage continued self-healing.

If you’re midway to mindfulness and seeking a blueprint for being over busy,

I'm your guide
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