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Ready to learn what they didn’t teach you in school?

Life is more than prioritizing a work-queue.

It’s about prioritizing you.


If you want to achieve work-life balance but you’re currently:

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The time is now to tidy your mind and organize your life.

I can teach you how to worry less, disconnect from work and enjoy the present.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to…

spend time with your family and enjoy your hobbies

have more energy and mental space

separate yourself from your work

feel consistently focused

confidently communicating with colleagues

live without anxieties imposing on your energy, choices, and life

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Illuminate Mindset Academy will take you from:

Stuck in an unfulfilling position to

crystal clear on your next move

Obsessing over interactions with MDs and patients to disconnecting from your anxiety

Bending over backwards for others to showing up authentically as you

Seeking validation of co-workers and colleagues to knowing your power and worth

Exhausted by impossible expectations to letting go of control

Same sh*t different day to celebrating everyday

Skipping self-care to prioritizing you

Lost and hopeless to established and empowered

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I created Illuminate Mindset Academy after experiencing the relief that comes with continually acknowledging my anxieties & finding the courage to release them.

When I decided to stop my anti-depressant, was trying to conceive, moved across the country, started a new career (twice), gave birth naturally, I managed my emotions with mindset techniques.

Mindfulness assisted my transition from being emotionally dependent on others to self-guiding my life.

You have the power to do the heart-work and start feeling better.

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Like a loading dose of mindfulness, you will work with Tori for six sessions to strategize self-care & work through your personal road blocks to a balanced life. This is where we dive into your specific alignment, attitudes & actions.

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Support during your one-on-one program and beyond is included in the Illuminate Course modules.

Learn & master the principles to

  • separate yourself from your anxiety,

  • leverage bad days for benefit

  • get what you want in life

  • feel confident

  • celebrate daily pleasures

  • and let go of control

    by recorded trainings. These are the same practices I use to maintain a happy mind.

    Accompanying PDFs and bonus content on basics of law of attraction, crystals and chakras are also included!

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Self-development never ends. Visit the modules any time you’re seeking support & guidance.

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Gain access to the private Facebook community, Golden Goddesses. To ensure you’re fully supported at any point in your transformation, this group provides a space for connection, continued growth and the opportunity to get questions answered in between monthly livestreams.

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Live calls within the group are a chance to regularly review real-life application of course modules.

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Your go-to for a fulfilling 5 minutes to yourself. Substitute one of the 15 meditations included for scrolling session, a break from the pharmacy or hectic environment.

Tori’s shine sessions exposed me to a reality I never thought was possible! When I first started working with her, I didn’t know how to actually feel confident or joyful in my own skin. I know my future looked bright-2.png
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