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Introducing the Choose your Path Personalized Virtual Retreat!

A mindfulness immersion retreat that can be experienced from your own home, if you choose! All you need to do is secure a serene environment & a day off and I’ll guide you through the rest!

A weekend in California or getaway in Bali sounds amazing... However, it’s not essential to restoring peace and pleasure in your life.

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If you find yourself longing for a getaway but have reservations about a hopping a flight or taking extended time off, you’re going to love this unique experience!


Reset yourself. Be in the receiving mode. Improve your attitude, efficiency and appreciation by taking the time to connect with your intuition. Inspiration will carry you through continuing to work, care, and create from a place of love.

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This retreat is perfect for a hard reset. Even if you’re keeping up with daily mindfulness and meditation, it’s refreshing to do some vibrational deep cleaning!

If you give your all to others on a regular basis you may feel in need of a retreat. In fact, it would be healthy of you to take care of yourself ahead of time. Ahead of burnout.

As a pharmacist, I’m all too familiar with working beyond needing a break. I know the feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, frustration and in the name of love nonetheless! Who you show up as every day is ultra impactful.

How wonderful would it be to take a day to intentionally increase your prosperity and reinvigorate your passion? Trade in your apathy for excitement?

You’ll even choose your path:

Signature: Restoration & Clarity

Feel restored, refreshed & ready

Purposeful Passion: Worthy & Wealthy

Rejuvenate your powerful purpose

Sounds good to me — that’s why I created it! I knew that if I longed for an accessible, thoughtful retreat experience you would, too!

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In order to maximize your experience, it is firmly recommended you make the proper arrangements to create an environment that allows serenity, flexibility and stillness. Whether you choose to stay home or book a local suite, I’ll take care of the rest!

If you plan to enhance your retreat by following the offline menu recipes & activities, a retreat preparation guide will be sent upon enrollment.

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Ensure you have the ability to continue sharing your light.

If you didn’t have to go anywhere and a retreat was brought to you, would you clear ONE DAY in your schedule to make restoring yourself a priority?

Would you pause to refresh and reset? Imagine returning to your work with such peace that you can carry on in your role with inspiration & lightness.

Ready to book? Let’s have a quick chat! Choose your date, your path & ask any questions so your retreat day will be streamlined and focused on your expansion.