A bridge between worlds



Connection is my calling

From western medicine to holistic,

and our earthly realm to the spiritual…

I serve as a luminary on the path between worlds.

Whether the medicine is CBD or mindfulness,

I guide individuals through integrative steps towards wellness.

My teachings are rooted in self-care and organize mind, body and spirit to encourage continued self-healing.

If you’re midway to mindfulness and seeking a blueprint for being over busy,

I’m your guide.


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Share a conversation about emotional management, intuitive development, and self care with me, anytime along your journey. We can simply get to know each other. No pressure, just positivity!

The past several months have been stressed by negative thought patterns, self-doubt, and an overall monotonous lifestyle. I was in need of some help and healing. So when she offered the “Illuminate” course, it was just what the universe ordered!

I wanted to work out my problems internally but I didn’t know where/how to start. I was so excited that this course presented itself to me and that it was a self-study course (my inner student was so happy)!

My attitude has never been better! If you have been thinking about “glowing up” and loving your life again, let Tori’s “Illuminate” course be your guide!
The past few days, I have felt such a shift. I move more. I am quick to answer what my body is saying. I have been making such conscious decisions, that honor what I want, more than ever before... without Tori’s guidance, I do not believe I would be this successful.

About Me

Hi! I’m Tori.

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I started self-healing during my internship year of pharmacy school. I had finished a course of talk therapy and was ready to discontinue my anti-depressant in order to conceive as naturally as possible. This was no small feat. I was deeply dependent on my husband for mood regulation yet willing to move towards wellness but unsure how to proceed. Many self-help books, metaphysical store visits and much googling later, I learned how to connect with myself and developed my own emotional auditing system. Recognizing my feelings and regularly performing self-care became my formula for momentum towards growth and healing. I now teach others the delicate balance of de-conditioning and becoming for optimal emotional health.