Hi, I'm Tori!

If you’re like me, you’re a kind soul + success seeker, always caring for others.

You’re seeking healing because the pain of staying how you are is steadily exceeding how you long to be.

You know you want to serve through living a meaningful life but the problem is your pleasure is overshadowed by your habit of pleasing others. I get it.

To be honest,  there are some things you just can’t control, like what someone thinks of you.png

Is it possible you bend over backwards to maintain a sparkly clean image not for yourself but for others?

Sometimes, fear of judgment gets in the way and accessing a safe space

to sharpen your spiritual skills is what’s needed to breakthrough old mindsets.

I believe life begins when we commit to being our authentic selves. Everything prior is practice..png

That’s why I seek life experiences, careers, and relationships that reflect beauty and fill me with pleasure.

In my work, I do this by guiding heart-centered women, like you, through adopting a mindful lifestyle that deepens your connection with your intuition.

You know you crave deeper connection. You may have spent many years looking for it outside of yourself. I’ll teach you how to find connection within.

This is essential so that you can recognize your innate worth and continue healing through confidently BEing yourself.

Maybe you’re not being honest with yourself. You’re choosing to ignore living your truth because changing this far in the game feels agonizing. You feel you’ve put too much time, effort and energy into the accolades and not enough into accepting yourself.

Remember how it was to feel free? How it feels to follow your heart?.png

Together, we will uncover the subtle habits you’ve adopted to block ease so you can explore ways to allow it back into your life and follow freedom.

Wondering how? Keep reading. 


My superpower is modern alchemy. I live to be the medium for what gets said and done. The Capricorn Sun in me wants to deliver results to you!

• I bring transformation into the lives of everyone I meet. I prioritize clients feeling seen. I’m honest. I call things as I see them, often challenging people to express their authenticity.

• Just as you have a servant heart, I too, have a drive to continue working until empowering resolutions are reached for all involved.

• I’ve learned how to purposely allow my creative juices to flow and direct me toward the things I love, even when they’re spontaneous and not according to some master plan.

• I happen to have this gift of recognizing where clients are out of tune with their lives and provide the right amount of tension. Similarly to the strings of a guitar, the instrument cannot create the right sound if the strings are not kept at the right tension. Neither can the essential things in life grow and be maintained without the necessary controls. It’s natural for me to challenge you in new ways that inspire growth + progress.

Copy of To be honest,  there are some things you just can’t control, like what someone thinks of you.-3.png
The beginning of my self-healing journey started between getting accepted into my pharmacy program and actually starting it. .png

During that time, I committed to being honest with myself made it a priority.

I had to be honest with myself about what I wanted a romantic relationship to look like: mutual respect, space, encouragement, support, attraction, authenticity. The next man I dated would fit into MY life seamlessly. I wouldn’t contort myself to fit his.

I had to be real and recognize the current relationship I was in wasn’t it. Can you relate?

I had to be honest by admitting this to myself + the other person involved. 

And I had to be genuine when I promised myself I wouldn’t settle for less than my #relationshipgoals vision. 

I had to be honest when choosing myself, then eventually when integrating my husband, then boyfriend, into the picture.

Lo and behold he matched each of my heart’s desires. We were smittin’. We had known each other growing up and were relearning each other once again.

During that spring and summer before connecting with him, I fell in love with myself

I indulged, I enjoyed, I took care of, and I spent quality time with myself. Honoring my deepest and simplest needs. 

I learned the lesson that I was whole on my own. 

Parts of me weren’t only accessible through someone else.

That’s the lesson I share with you.

The fear you carry disappears when you realize you’re enough for yourself + nothing is missing.

The years of my program included cycles on and off antidepressants, overcommitment and self-sabotage covered by external successes.-3.png

The self-healing intensified during my internship year of pharmacy school. 

I had finished a course of talk therapy and consciously uncoupled with my (favorite) therapist.

I had discontinued my anti-depressant (once and for all!!) in order to conceive as naturally as possible. 

This was no small feat. I was deeply dependent on my husband for mood regulation yet willing to move towards wellness but unsure how to proceed.

Many self-help books, metaphysical store visits and much googling later, I learned how to connect with myself and developed my own emotional auditing  system.

Recognizing my feelings and regularly performing self-care became my formula for momentum towards growth and healing. 

We moved to Boulder, CO.

I found an independent pharmacy position.

We had a baby. My little king, Rex.

I discovered Abraham Hicks + the Law of Attraction.

I was vertically, then laterally promoted, into my dream pharmacy position…

Then, I left and dedicated my life to helping heal others within my own integrity and in ways that addressed their root causes for anxiety as I had done with my own.

“Life after antidepressants” feels permanent.

I’m a little afraid to use that word after the many ego-deaths I’ve encountered over the last few years.

But, it feels like my truth. Which is what I’m following.

And I help others’ follow their own truths, too.

I now lead a community of wise women who see their own worth over allowing others to decide for them.

We are walking together on our paths to ourselves.

Although each journey is individual, the experience is mutual.

I am here to see you, hear you, encourage you, love you,

and above all — remember how to heal yourself.