Hi! I’m Tori! A pharmacist turned mindfulness coach.

As a Capricorn Sun, I’m fond of structure and think systems are sexy. I’m determined AF and highly value quality.

As a Libra Rising, I invite deep connection and harmony with the people I interact with.

While experiencing intense burnout after only two years practicing in my field, I found relief with increased, intentional self care.

This time in my life inspired me to leave my pharmacy job and discover being a healer within my own integrity.

Instead of dispensing pills, I now prescribe mindfulness.

I teach women mindset management and spiritual development.

I guide women to self love and emotional freedom.

I used to focus solely on organizing (ahem, controlling) my external environment. I’ve created organizational content on YouTube under the handle Tidy Tor for several years.

However, I’ve learned inner peace comes from the tidy integration of mind, body, AND spirit.

Now, I’ve transitioned from trying to control my feelings by organizing my external world to being able to organize my thoughts and prioritize myself for maximum wellbeing.

My motto has become tidy your mind, organize your life.

If you catch a vibe with me, I’d be happy to connect with you.

My purpose on this earth is to support and guide you.

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