Agree to Spot the Miracle | An Everyday Practice

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TO DO TODAY: Spot the Miracle

Try this mindset shift to flip fear into eagerness during the moments you feel overwhelmed in your day. Bonus points if you if you start your day this way!

OK, here we go. 
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Go to the core of what in your life is important.

What guides you to redirect time after time? 

What are the focal points?

What do you discuss every single day?

What (and who) are you surrounded by?

Start to connect the dots of everything leading you what you deem important.

People, places, right place right time, ease.

Start to know that those repeated signs that you've witnessed are repeated miracles and miracles happen to you everyday.

So, in the morning, instead of feeling fear and wondering what might become of the day... agree to spot the miracle.

Look for the signs and await something so beautiful, so blessed +

AWEsome (truly awesome) to enter into your life every day.

Spot the miracle.

DM me when you spot your miracle today -- or any day! I would love to celebrate the wonder showing up in your personal experience.