The Pillars of Maintaining Organization -- Mind, Body & Spirit

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How is it that you can spend hours cleaning and color coding your closet only to have it return to chaos within a week? Basic laws of physics aside (ahem — entropy), there are two significant habits to learn to maintain an organized oasis.

Whether you’re interested in keeping a tidy mind, an organized office or a clear channel to the spirits, read on for the tips detailing how you can stay structured for an aligned life.

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Maintaining a system of organization first calls for intention. It’s the coming back to your motive and purpose of the original effort that’s needed to continue living by design. In the physical realm this may be the goal of having easy accessibility to documents. In terms of mental ability, your intention may be to reduce anxiousness. A purpose for maintaining spiritual alignment may be staying connected to source. Create intentions for your systems at the time of implementation to ensure success with preserving the process.


In the moment, before you haphazardly throw your shoes into the closet, give into an influx of anxious thoughts or skip your meditation, find awareness. This brief pause lends the opportunity for you to engage in mindful actions. Attention is required to reset your automation with disorder. Keeping the clutter at bay means being aware of the ways in which you collect it. Continual cognizance is a recipe for being #TIDYAF.

The true success of combining intention + awareness is mastered by integrating these aspects into your daily life.

Maintaining mindfulness as a lifestyle to gain more time and freedom is the practice I teach clients through Illuminate Mindfulness Academy.

Within the container of six one-on-one coaching sessions, I assist my clients with integrated organization.

Together, we find clarity, learn self-reflection, own authenticity, develop belief, practice surrender, establish routines for joy, discover the power of stillness and open up to abundance.

This program supports the maintenance of mindfulness by including lifetime access to the Illuminate online modules and private self-development community in addition to teaching applicable practices & principles.

I invite you to incorporate intention and awareness into your daily routines this week — mind, body, and spirit! If you’re seeking guidance with integration and sustaining the harmony of organization, let’s connect about working together!

Happy tidying & big love!